An Eecient Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Multiprocessor Real-time Systems


Many time-critical applications require predictable performance and tasks in these applications have deadlines to be met. In this paper, we propose an eecient algorithm for non-preemptive scheduling of dynamically arriving real-time tasks (aperiodic tasks) in multiprocessor systems. A real-time task is characterized by its deadline, resource requirements, and worst case computation time on p processors, where p is the degree of parallelization of the task. We use this parallelism in tasks to meet their deadlines and thus obtain better schedulability compared to non-parallelizable task scheduling algorithms. To study the eeectiveness of the proposed scheduling algorithm, we have conducted extensive simulation studies and compared its performance with the myopic 8] scheduling algorithm. The simulation studies show that the schedulability of the proposed algorithm is always higher than that of the myopic algorithm for a wide variety of task parameters.


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