A route reconstruction method based on support group concept for mobile ad hoc networks

  • Fumiaki Sato, Tadanori Mizuno
  • Published 2005 in 19th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA'05) Volume 1 (AINA papers)


In ad-hoc multicast networks, the maintenance of the delivery tree is important. However, the cost of reconstruction of the delivery tree is very large. In this paper, we propose the method to recover the delivery tree locally and effective retransmission for the packet loss caused by disconnection of the delivery tree. A new node group named the support group is composed in surroundings of the delivery tree for a local recovery. The support group is maintained by recursive constructing in the surroundings though the member of this support group might be included in the delivery tree by a local recovery. From our simulation, the proposed method has better performance than ODMRP.


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